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The Mission of Know2Go is to provide internet Users, Registered Members and Subscribing Members with timely, quick access to event information happening around the world.  In addition, we give you a direct URL link to the events website, links to purchase tickets and find travel information.

If you are a first time user of the website we urge you to become a Registered Member at your earliest convenience. By holding this status you will be given instant "Speed Search" capability which provides access to most events in 3 computer clicks or less. You will be able to submit events and images to our data base and post "favorite events" found in our database to a personal calendar stored especially for you and with the click of a button will be able to instantly list most common holidays on your calendar.  The requirement for registration is only to file your name, address and email. 

*(Please see our Privacy Policy to understand how we protect your personal information.)


Upgrade to "Subscribing Member" status and you have full access to the website, our historical event files, plus our .MOBI connectionwhich allows you to take Know2Go with you wherever you go.  All of this for a very small subscription fee which can be paid directly and securely through PayPal.  We do not have access to your financial information.

With Know2Go there are No Limitations in the type of events which can be found and no restrictions regarding an events size.  If you "Know" about an event and you want others "2Go," once you register as a member you will be able to submit your event directly to the website. Whether it is a local crafts show, school event or little league championship, as long as the event is public we want you list it. If you have the details and the free time to post it, we will do our very best to verify the information and post it as a live event.

Every Registered and Subscribing Member has the right to submit an event for approval and live listing on the Know2Go website.  And while the website administrator maintains ultimate approving authority as to which events get posted and when, the fastest way to have an event posted is to be accurate in your listing, insure contact information is provided and give the events website for event detail verification.


Awards and Film Festivals, Cricket, World Cup Soccer, Olympics, Football, Motor sports, Industry Conventions, Fashion Shows, Billiard Matches, and more… The best recommendation we can make is to familiarize your self with the categories list of Know2Go.  This will quickly give you an idea as to the amount of information available and the type of events covered. 

*Note: we readily admit the task of bringing you all the events of the world is daunting if not virtually impossible.  For us to find and manually list every event in the world would probably take a few life times… what we will try to do is bring you the larger more common events and encourage you to submit the rest.  Thus the greatness of the website depends on its Registered Members and Subscribers sharing event information with each other. 

Automated Event Loading:  If you represent the Syndicating Authority, Sponsor, or Vendor of a group of events or annual schedule, we would like to hear from you. Please contact:   We can offer you complete automation of event loading. This insures the highest level of accuracy, complete schedule coverage and updating.  We can also offer you Featured Event coverage on our Home Page at no cost.

The Know2Go Team does hope you enjoy your experience on our website.  Should you find any issues with the information found please do not hesitate to contact us:  However, if you have specific information about an event already listed on Know2Go, use the "Feedback" tab found on the bottom of every Event Data Page, your comments will go directly to the website administrator.

Remember "You gotta Know2Go"

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