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Need help navigating the website?   Want to find an Event in 3 clicks or less?

See how these FAQ's and TIP's can help you…



Website Navigation Bar:  This bar follows you throughout your website navigation.


Home: There are actually four ways to quick click back to the Website Home Page. Hover over the word Home, Use the small house on the left side of the Navigation Bar, the word Home found on the Bottom Navigation Bar or the Know2Go Logo.  Left click on any of these to be redirected.


Blog: Hover over this spot and left click. You will be re-directed directly to the Blog Site. This is a separate site however; you will find the website is still open in a 'window' behind this page. You will remain logged on while visiting our blog site.  While on the blog site you will need to register separately.


Website Help:  This is the button you used to find the help information you are currently reviewing.  You can reach this information anytime while navigating the website.


Contact Know2Go: Use this button to begin email correspondence directly with the website administrator. Please begin with a clear and concise subject statement in order to direct your concerns to the correct staff people and to receive the fastest response.  Contact us at:


Learn About Us: Here you will find our Welcome Statement, and a brief description about the origins of our website. What our goal is and how we try to help you.  We truly hope you visit this spot soon after becoming a Registered Member or Subscriber.  Even though you may already know your way around the website, the information given here is intended to make your experience the best it can be.


MEMBERSHIPS   Registered and Subscriber


Q: What is the basic difference between Registered Members and Subscribing Members?

A: First let's consider why you want to become a Registered Member.  In exchange for some of your basic information [see below], the website site allows you to Speed Search for your events, in 3 clicks or less. You get a personal calendar to add your favorite events and an overlay of holidays.  You can vote on favorite events and can add events to the Know2Go website. Additionally there's a link on the My_Account page to shop our Know2Go_mobi Ebay Store.

The Subscribing Member gets all these same features and for a very small fee gets access to  By listing your mobile phone number during registration and choosing one of the subscribing packages, you will receive instant access to  The only member with full access to all historical events is the subscribing member.

Q: What happens if I become a Registered Member now and want to upgrade later?

A: No Problem. Just login and select the Subscribe Now link found on My_Acconts page to get things started. Remember you must enter your mobile number to update your registration file.

Q: How come the speed search doesn't work?

A: The speed search boxes: LOCATION, EVENT, DATE are only available to Registered Members.

Q: What information is required to be a Registered Member?

A: Know2Go wants only simple information like your Know2Go account user name, contact name and address and your email address.  We do not collect any financial information. Never ask for your credit card number, and do not sell, share or trade your personal information.

Q: What information is required to be a Subscribing Member?

A: The next level includes all Registered Membership information plus your cell phone or mobile number.  This allows access to our .MOBI connection. 

What is the cost of membership ? 

Unregistered Member: Free. 

Registered Member: FREE!!!  Biggest benefits to registering is access to speed search boxes, personal calendar and voting participation.

Subscribing Member: less than $20. per year (auto-renewing). Gives access to .mobi website, all historical event data, all benefits of Registered Member.

Using Coupons: from time to time, Know2Go will hand out promotional cards (credit card stock) which include a silver scratch off bar with hidden 6 alpha-numeric codes which can be used to activate the upgrade to Subscribing Membership.  These codes are active for a limited time and hold a limited duration lifecycle as well.  In order to activate your account using the Coupon Code you must first be a Registered Member.  From the My_Account page select Upgrade to Subscibing Membership link.  Enter the code on the Package Selection page and update Mobile Phone information.



Q: What is an EDP?

A: The Event Data Page or EDP is the final page in your event search. It displays the content about the event, shows the events category, sub-category, Event website and a brief description of the event.

Q:  What do the red bars: Location, Event, and Date do?

A:  These are the basic tools used to search for an Event. Available to all users and visitors of the website, they assist in finding your Event Data Page however, they are a much slower, [read: discovery] method of search as compared to the Speed Search Boxes.  The basic premise of Know2Go is if you know one of these elemental details, we can help you find your event information.  One key feature of the red LED bars is the date bar. This is the only calendar listing of all events for a particular date.

Q:  Which way is the FASTEST SEARCH to an EDP?  As a general user, if you know the event by name and have a good idea which category it falls under, select the Red Event and find the category first, consider the sub-categories listed, then view the events shown.

As a Registered Member, use the Speed Search Boxes, enter an Event by its title and you will be taken directly to the EDP.

Q: What is the 3 Click - concept?

A:  The information provided by Know2Go is no secret. Any one with time, an internet connection and some basic search engine knowledge can find an Event and its details. Know2Go is a boutique of Event Information.  Our goal is to provide you key Event Information about events; Today, Tonight and Tomorrow in 3 clicks or less.  

Q: Can you give an example of the 3 clicks?

A: As a Registered Member:

Count one click to Login -In, the second click after entering the Event name in the Speed Search Event Box and submitting, the third click is on the resultant Event Title which appears. This opens the Event Data Page.

Q: How do I add an event to my favorites list from the EPD?

A: Click on the Add to Favorites button found on the top of the right side column.  This marks the event and adds it to your My_Account Page favorites and to your Personal Calendar.  On the category page you can add the category to your favorites by clicking the same button found there.


Featured Events


Q: What are the featured events boxes used for?

A: Every month the website administrator picks ten events and places them in the featured box.  There are no minimum criteria which affords an event featured status. Sometimes it's a major world event and sometimes it's an unusual event that makes the list. The administrator tries to bring interesting, noteworthy and fun events to the forefront with this feature. 


Red Scroll Bar


Q: What is happening with the words scrolling across the red bar at the top of the home page and My_Accounts Page?

A: The creators of Know2Go came up with this design feature to display the different event categories found on the website. Just hover over any word. The scroll will stop, click on the word and you will be redirected to this category. 


Voted Most Popular by Members


Q: What do the words with miss-matched fonts represent in the voted most popular box found on the home page?

A: These are events voted most popular by our Members.   Showing is those keywords which are searched more or which have the largest number of hits during the previous seven days.

Note: If the numbers of words (found here) are less than 10, then we show keywords which are having the most number of hits.




Q: Why these partners and how do these change?

A: The partners we use are selected because they contribute to the overall quality and feature of the website.  We are registered affiliates of these partners. Your patronage of the services offered by these partners help us to defray the costs of operating this website.

From time to time, these will change based upon your feedback and other factors.  If you know of a more appropriate partner we should consider please email your suggestions to:


The Location Page


Q: How do I use the Map to find my events?

A: Let's say you are visiting London tomorrow, and you want to know what events are happening there.  If you are not a Registered Member, click on the red Location Bar from the Home Page, when you arrive at the second tier Google Map page: start to 'drill down' to find London. Begin with hovering over the continent, and keep clicking until you find the city of London. If the space is too crowded consider using the map sliding scale bar found on the left first.  From here you will see a pop-up box listing the events happening in London. Please Note: One limitation of this search method is you will need to review the events listed to find those going on while you are visiting London. 

As a Registered Member, type in the location city in the Speed Search Box found at the top of the Google Maps and submit.


The Event Page


Q: What is the significance of events being divided in two; Lifestyles and Activities?

A: This represents a logical sub-division of all categories, it is created to facilitate the users search and at the same time help to suggest other categories of similar interest.


The Date Page


Q: Why does it take so long to populate this information?

A: The calendars in this section attach all the events found in the database prior to depicting the calendar on the screen. There are literally thousands of event files and this takes time to process.  The best way to overcome this is to become a registered member and use the Speed Search Boxes.


Category, Sub-Category and Events


Q: What is the hierarchy of the website?

A: Category's are the highest part of the database hierarchy or grouping of events. This might best be defined through the following example: Golf is the Category, while the PGA Tour would be the Sub-Category.  Motor Racing is the Category while NASCAR would be the Sub-Category.  The lowest part of the hierarchy (Daytona 500) is the Event. Once a Member or Subscriber has drilled down to the Event Data Page, he/she has reached the bottom of the hierarchy and while there are or could be other EDP's under a particular Category or Sub-Category; there is no lower data available.  For further event information we suggest you click on the Event website found on the EDP. This opens a separate window and keeps your Know2Go window open. 

Q: How do Categories and Events get added to the Favorites list?

A: As a logged in Member or Subscriber any time a Category, Sub-Category or Event page is presented there is always an opportunity to select it as a favorite. Just click the Add to my Favorites button.  On the My_Accounts page, the favorite will be listed under the tab title View Favorites.  From this drop down menu you can also add additional favorites.




Q: How do I get to this page?

A: You must first log in as a Registered Member or Subscribing Member, then click on the My_Account link on the top (black) navigation bar.

Q: Can someone else see my personal calendar, my favorites or my events?

A: No, these are your personal settings and can only be seen by you, unless you share your password.  Not suggested.

Q: When I select View Categories under the View Favorites drop down menu, and choose a category like NASCAR; there may be 2 or more records which appear the same, why?

A: Actually, the multiple records appear the same but there has been a change to the record, perhaps the date which has created what appears to be a duplicate record.

In order to only have one record appear, click on View events and add the record or year desired to your favorites.

My_Account link: This brings you back to you're signed in My_Account page.  This is found in the upper right black navigation bar. Note your name on the welcome bar.

Sign Off: This allows you to sign out as a logged in member or return back to the Home Page as a Non-Registered User.  This feature is also found in the upper navigation bar.

Personal Event Calendar: This shows a 6 month calendar of your favorite events. Note: holidays are shown in Gold and Events are shown in Red.  There is a green check mark next to the Tan symbol and another beside the Red symbol.  Select or De-select these to control information shown on your calendar.  Also, notice there is a drop down menu listing holidays by continents and countries. Here the calendar will post typical holidays for the calendar chosen.

Q: What is the difference between the My_Accounts personal calendar and the main calendar found under the red L.E.D. Date bar?

A: The Personal Event Calendar only shows the favorite events you have chosen and the holidays you have chosen. You have the greatest control over this calendar. Your favorites will never be erased and remain until you delete them. Conversely, the main calendar shows all events found in the website for any specific date chosen.  There are no holidays shown on the main calendar and historical (past) events are only shown when the historical events button is selected from the My_Accounts page.


The Choose Category Box:  First select from the scroll down bar from the following two choices.


Popular top 50 events:  This will present a listing of the website's top 50 events as chosen and voted on by Registered Members. Hopefully you will take time to vote on these events.


Recent posts top events: This box depicts the most recent events posted to the website. These events include those recently submitted by Registered Members, approved by management.


My_Accounts Navigation Bar:  This bar is different than the Website Navigation Bar and is placed horizontally below the Know2Go logo.


Manage Account: 

Update Profile:  Self Explanatory. This allows the user to change personal registration information.

Change Password: Self Explanatory. It is recommended to change your password at least once a month.  A simple way to accomplish this is when you sign in select: Forgot your password. Once your identity is verified you will be given a different password. Once you re-enter the login enter the change password section and choose a different password that you have not previously used with this website.


Manage Scoops:  

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